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Biography Koen van Cleef

2000:   MSc in Biological Health Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Maastricht.
2007:   PhD in Molecular Virology, Department of Medical Microbiology, University of Maastricht.
2006:   Postdoctoral research fellow, Department of Neuromedical Genetics, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Amsterdam.

Publications Koen van Cleef

D.N. Streblow, K.W.R. van Cleef, C.N. Kreklywich, C. Meyer, P. Smith, V. Defilippis, F. Grey, K. Früh, R. Searles, C. Bruggeman, C. Vink, J.A. Nelson, and S.L. Orloff. Rat cytomegalovirus gene expression in cardiac allograft recipients is tissue specific and does not parallel the profiles detected in vitro. J. Virol. 2007;81:3816-3826.
K.W.R. van Cleef, M.J. Smit, C.A. Bruggeman, and C. Vink. Cytomegalovirus-encoded homologs of G protein-coupled receptors and chemokines. J. Clin. Virol. 2006;35:343-348.
K.W.R. van Cleef, M.J. Blok, K.G.M. Savelkouls, G.E.L.M. Grauls, C.A. Bruggeman, and C. Vink. Identification and characterization of two antisense transcripts from the major immediate early region of rat cytomegalovirus. Arch. Virol. 2005;150:2593-2599.
K.W.R. van Cleef, W.M.A. Scaf, K. Maes, S.J.F. Kaptein, E. Beuken, P.S. Beisser, F.R.M. Stassen, G.E.L.M. Grauls, C.A. Bruggeman, and C. Vink. The rat cytomegalovirus homologue of parvoviral rep genes, r127, encodes a nuclear protein with single- and double-stranded DNA-binding activity that is dispensable for virus replication. J. Gen. Virol. 2004;85:2001-2013.
S.J.F. Kaptein, K.W.R. van Cleef, Y.K. Gruijthuijsen, E.V.H. Beuken, L. van Buggenhout, P.S. Beisser, F.R.M. Stassen, C.A. Bruggeman, and C. Vink. The r131 gene of rat cytomegalovirus encodes a proinflammatory CC chemokine homolog which is essential for the production of infectious virus in the salivary glands. Virus Genes 2004;29:43-61.
S.J.F. Kaptein, P.S. Beisser, Y.K. Gruijthuijsen, K.G.M. Savelkouls, K.W.R. van Cleef, E. Beuken, G.E.L.M. Grauls, C.A. Bruggeman, and C. Vink. The rat cytomegalovirus R78 G protein-coupled receptor gene is required for production of infectious virus in the spleen. J. Gen. Virol. 2003;84:2517-2530.

Personal Interests

I am working on a gene therapy project for Crumbs homolog-1 (CRB1). Mutations in CRB1 are related to the human eye diseases Leber congenital amaurosis and progressive forms of retinitis pigmentosa, which lead to blindness at birth or at young adulthood, respectively. My project is aimed at generating and optimizing CRB1 gene therapy vectors in order to form a basis for the development of gene therapies for CRB1-related eye diseases.