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Biography Bokyung Park

2004: PhD in New Drug-Discovery Proteome lab, Department of Biochemistry, Yonsei University, South Korea
2007: Postdoctoral research fellow, Neurobiology lab, Department of Biology, Yonsei University, South Korea
2008: Postdoctoral research fellow, Department of Neuromedical Genetics, The Netherlands Institute for Neurosciences (NIN), Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), Amsterdam

Publications Bokyung Park

Park B, Jeong SK, Lee WS, Seong JK, Paik YK
A simple pattern classification method for alcohol-responsive proteins that are differentially expressed in mouse brain. Proteomics. 2004 Nov; 4(11):3369-75.
Park B, Oh SH, Seong JK, Paik YK
A strain-specific alteration of proteomic expression in mouse liver fructose 1,6-bisphosphatase isoforms by alcohol. Proteomics. 2004 Nov; 4(11):3413-21.
Park B, Yun N, Oh YJ
Proteomic analysis of 6-OHDA induced partial brain lesion and the interrelationship of altered proteins. Molecular Cellular Proteomics. (in processing) 
Park B, Oh CK, Oh YJ
Gene expression profiles at 6-OHDA-induced dopaminergic cell death. Neuro Report. (in processing)
Young Mook Lee, Seong H. Park, Dong-Ik Shin, Jee-Yeon Hwang, BoKyung Park, Yun-Jong Park, Ho Z. Chae1, Sue Goo Rhee, Byung K. Jin, Tae H. Oh and Young J. Oh
Oxidative modification of peroxiredoxin is associated with drug-induced apoptotic signaling in experimental models of Parkinson’s disease. J Biol Chem. 2008 Apr; 283(15):9986-98.

Personal Interests

The overall goal of our group project is to find cures for Crumbs-related eye diseases, and I am working on generating and analyzing conditional knock out mice for Mupp1 and conditional knock down mice for Pals1. During my doctoral course, I had engaged in proteomics work and started to become interested in the relation of proteins. Working as a post Doc at Neurobiology lab, the interest has been specially focused on neurons. Now I am involved in the functions of Crumbs family members and their interacting proteins to restore Mueller glia cell – photoreceptor interactions, which is like a gift package of my whole interests.