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About me

My main research interest is to understand the neurobiological substrates underlying social behaviour and how alterations in neural mechanisms caused by pharmacological, environmental or genetic factors modify normal social interactions and lead to psychopathology.
     During my Ph.D., I used a rodent model of reactive aggression (a main component of a variety of psychiatric disorders) and targeted pharmacological techniques to investigate how alterations in the interactions between various neural systems exacerbated aggression levels towards conspecifics. Then, in my first post-doc, to further explore the neural substrates underpinning social perception, I used a novel approach which combined molecular techniques (siRNA) with fMRI in awake rodents, to investigate the role of vasopressin and oxytocin in social recognition of familiar and unfamiliar conspecifics, and in the context of mental illness, particularly autism.
     The research line of my current post-doc involves studying the neural mechanisms of shared affect, particularly the role of emotional MNs, on social interactions using a rodent model of pain and combining a variety of techniques including, PET and electrophysiology.   
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