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Highlights IMM 2005-2012

  1. Pure human primary microglia isolated shortly after death reflect the in situ phenotype and do not respond to lipopolysacharide.
  2. The CNS is survelled by effector T cells that are thightly controlled
  3. Microglia from normal appearing white matter in multiple sclerosis (MS) are in an ‘alerted’ state and show an altered response to glucocorticoids.
  4. ‘Alerted’ microglia caused by complement activation increases severity of an animal model of MS.
  5. Immune suppressive CD200 and CD47 are decreased in and around MS lesions.
  6. Cortisol levels relate to severity, lesion type and gene expression profile in NAWM of MS.
  7. Identification of differences in sex steroid enzymes and receptors between male and female in relation to MS pathology.
  8. Vitamin D metabolites are altered in the CNS in relation to MS pathology.
  9. Selective up-regulation of scavenger receptors around expanding MS lesions.

Grants 2005-2012

Netherlands Brain Foundation: ‘Mechanisms of neuronal dysfunction in multiple sclerosis.’
€ 35,000 (2012-2013)

Luchetti: International Parkinson Foundation: ‘Neurosteroids as neuroprotective agents in Parkinson’s Disease.’
€ 150,000 (2012-2013)

Sponsor Bingo Lottery: 'Characterization of MS lesions.'
€ 365,000 (2010-2013)

MS Research Foundation: 'Mechanisms of myelin phagocytosis in MS.'
€ 234,984 (2010-2013)

MS Research Foundation: 'The effect of the stress axis on lesion activity and severity of multiple sclerosis.'
€ 167,888 (2009-2012)

MS Research foundation: ‘GFAP delta-positive cells in the subventricular zone of MS: activation of multipotent progenitor cells?’
€ 43,110 (2007-2008)

MS Research Foundation: 'CD200 receptor mediated regulation of microglia and other CNS associated macrophages in MS and EAE.'
€ 142,000 (2005-2008)

Netherlands Brain Foundation: ‘Characterization of estrogen receptor alpha in MS lesions and possible implications for neuroprotection’.
€ 25,000 (2006-2007)




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