Neuroscience & Vision Symposia 2010/2011


Friday, 30 January 2015,

16:00 h Leonardo Cerliani

Using a consortium of resting state data to explore the neural basis of autism.

16:25 h Christian Keysers

Using InterSubject correlation to explore the temporal horizon of the parieto-frontal mirror neuron system.

16:45 h Discussion followed by drinks


Colloquium room, Fridays 16:00 h (unless stated otherwise)

6 February Gabor Tamas; Swammerdam Lecture
13 February guestspeaker Van Someren
20 February Damiaan Denys
27 February Helmut Kessels
6 March Maarten Kole
13 March Inge Huitinga
20 March guestspeaker postdocs
27 March no lecture; Opening Spinoza Center
3 April no lecture; Good Friday
10 April guestspeaker Lohmann