Neuroscience & Vision Symposia 2010/2011


Friday, 31 October 2014,


16:00 h Marko Popovic 


Visualizing voltage and calcium signaling in axonal subdomains of pyramidal neurons.


16.45 h Discussion followed by drinks             


Colloquium room, Fridays 16:00 h (unless stated otherwise)

22 August Bruining (guestspeaker Huitinga)
29 August Ala-Laurila (guestspeaker Kamermans
5 September no lecture
12 September Florian Mormann (guestspeaker Roelfsema)
19 September David Norris (guestspeaker Keysers)
26 September Trevor Robins (guestspeaker Denys)
3 October Ingo Greger (guestspeaker Kessels)
10 October Tom Hyde (guestspeaker Huitinga)
17 October Ysbrand van der Werf
24 October Pieter Roelfsema
31 October Maarten Kole