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15  April 2013


De Hersenstichting kent een subsidie van 35.000 euro toe aan de volgende NIN projecten:

Dr. Maarten H.P. Kole, Action potential-dependent neuron-glia signaling and myelin maintenance

Dr. Helmut W. Kessels, The effects of amyloid beta on glutamatergic synapses that drive inhibitory neurons
Prof. dr. Damiaan Denys, Elucidating the mechanism of Deep Brain Stimulation in compulsive disorders

1 February 2013

Christian Lohmann receives a VICI grant.



15 January 2013, Press release ERC: The 3000th ERC grant went to the Social Brain Lab at the NIN [press release] Social Brain Lab - ERC (YouTube movie)


27 June 2012

Helmut Kessels receives a VIDI grant for the project:

The effects of amyloid beta on synapses in the brain.

1  April 2011 
Dick Swaab was appointed Professor to the Chao Kuang Piu Chair of Zhejiang University Medical School in Hangzhou, China, in recognition of his scholarship and outstanding achievements. (photo)


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Neuroscience & Vision Symposia 2015
Friday, 23 January 2015, 16:00 h



16:00 Dirk Jan Stenvers

Circadian rhythms, sleep and type 2 diabetes: animal and human studies.


16.45 h Discussion followed by drinks             



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