The Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience (NIN) carries out fundamental neuroscience research with special emphasis on the brain and the visual system. Our research focusses on development, plasticity and ageing and it is often linked to clinical research questions.


The scientific structure comprises three levels of biological complexity:

  • genetic and molecular approaches
  • cellular approaches and network function
  • system approaches


The research program is carried out in 20 research groups.
In addition, the NIN includes the Netherlands Brain Bank


Scientific Director Pieter R. Roelfsema, PhD
Vice Director Chris I. de Zeeuw, PhD
Managing Director Ronald van der Neut, PhD




Recent Publications

Van Someren, E.J.W. Colors cast long shadows on brain activity. PNAS, in press.


Pooresmaeili, A., Poort, J., and Roelfsema, P.R. Simultaneous selection by object-based attention in visual and frontal cortex. PNAS, in press. [abstract]


Van Dorp, S., and De Zeeuw, C.I. Variable timing of synaptic transmission in cerebellar unipolar brush cells. PNAS, in press. [abstract]


Zhou, K., Wolpert, D.M., and De Zeeuw, C.I. Motor systems: reaching out and grasping the molecular tools. Current Biology 24 (2014) R269-R271. [abstract]


Bartus, K., James, N.D., Didangelos, A., Bosch, K.D., Verhaagen, J., Yanez-Munoz, R.J., Rogers, J.H., Schneider, B.L., Muir, E.M., and Bradbury, E.J. Large-scale chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan digestion with chondroitinase gene therapy leads to reduced pathology and modulates macrophage phenotype following spinal cord contusion injury. Journal of Neuroscience 34 (2014) 4822-4836. [abstract]


Van Atteveldt, N., Murray, M.M., Thut, G., and Schroeder, C.E. Multisensory integration: flexible use of general operations. Neuron 81 (2014) 1240-1253.


De Gruijl, J.R., Sokol, P.A., Negrello, M., and De Zeeuw, C.I. Modulation of electrotonic coupling in the inferior olive by inhibitory and excitatory inputs: integration in the glomerulus. Neuron 81 (2014) 1215-1217.


Giacobini, P., Parkash, J., Campagne, C., Messina, A., Casoni, F., Vanacker, C., Langlet, F., Hobo, B., Cagnoni, G., Gallet, S., Hanchate, N.K., Mazur, D., Taniguchi, M., Mazzone, M., Verhaagen, J., Ciofi, P., Bouret, S.G., Tamagnone, L., and Prevot, V. Brain endothelial cells control fertility through ovarian-steroid-dependent release of semaphorin 3A. PLoS Biology 12 (2014) e1001808. [abstract]


Jaarsma, D., Van den Berg, M., Wulf, P.S., Van Erp, S., Keijzer, N., Schlager, M.A., De Graaff, E., De Zeeuw, C.I., Pasterkamp, J., Akhmanova, A., and Hoogenraad, C.C. A role for bicaudal-D2 in radial cerebellar granule cell migration. Nature Communications 5 (2014) 3411. [abstract]


Battefeld, A., Tran, B.T., Gavrilis, J., Cooper, E.C., and Kole, M.H. Heteromeric Kv7.2/7.3 channels differentially regulate action potential initiation and conduction in neocortical myelinated axons. Journal of Neuroscience 34 (2014) 3719-3732.


Sepulveda-Falla, D., Barrera-Ocampo, A., Hagel, C., Korwitz, A., Vinueza-Veloz, M.F., Zhou, K., Schonewille, M., Zhou, H., Velazquez-Perez, L., Rodriguez-Labrada, R., Villegas, A., Ferrer, I., Lopera, F., Langer, T., De Zeeuw, C.I., and Glatzel, M. Familial Alzheimer's disease-associated presenilin-1 alters cerebellar activity and calcium homeostasis. Journal of Clinical Investigation, in press. [abstract]


Pellissier, L.P., Lundvig, D.M.S., Tanimoto, N., Klooster, J., Vos, R.M., Richard, F., Sothilingam, V., Garcia Garrido, M., Le Bivic, A., Seeliger, M.W., and Wijnholds, J. CRB2 acts as a modifying factor of CRB1-related retinal dystrophies in mice. Human Molecular Genetics, in press.


Keysers, C., and Gazzola, V. Dissociating the ability and propensity for empathy. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, in press. [abstract]


More publications




17 March 2014

Dick Swaab has been selected as winner of the 2014 ECNP Media Award.

13 February 2014

Inge Huitinga received 295.000 euro from the Vriendenloterij for MS research [photo]

10 January 2014
ISAO awarded Helmut Kessels with the Alzheimer Price of 150.000 euro [photo]

12 December 2013

NINnews December 2013

6 December 2013 
Ysbrand van der Werf received a grant of 40,000 euros from the International Parkinson Fund for a prospective study of impulse control disorders and depression in early Parkinson's disease.


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16 May 2014, 10:00 h, Agnietenkapel Amsterdam


Regina Kanski will defend her thesis entitled:


From stem cell to astrocyte: decoding the regulation of GFAP.


Supervisor: Elly Hol
19 May 2014, 11:45 h, aula Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam


Celso Henrique Freitas Alves will defend his thesis entitled:


The Crumbs complex in the retina. From animal models to function.


Supervisor: Joost Verhaagen. Co-supervisor Jan Wijnholds.

29 June - 3 July 2014

Interneuron Summer School [see website]